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Matching activities supported by a weblog to different stages of idea development

Another piece from my dissertation that might be interesting by itself. In the study of my logging practices (Chapter 3) I looked at my weblog from two perspectives: focusing on its uses as a personal knowledge base (using insights from the research on personal information management to identify those) and the ways it supports the process of growing ideas over time (awareness and articulation, sense-making and turning them into a product). The table below matches those, summarising how different stages of idea development are supported by the activities around the weblog content: low-threshold creation of entries; a flexible and personally meaningful way to organise and maintain them; opportunities to retrieve, reuse and analyse blog content, and to engage with others around it.


In case you need a proper citation – this is a slight variation of the table that appears in my dissertation (p.87) and HT09 paper (p.296).

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