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In lieu of presents: Yozhik project

Being so close to finishing my PhD feels good. I’m looking forward to the defense and the celebration after it, but I also would like to do something to make this world a bit better.

So, I will be collecting donations for Yozhik project. And there is a personal story to it.

Yozhik is Russian for a little hedgehog. It is also the word for a crew-cut and a nickname I gave my sister when her hair was short after chemotherapy. Diana was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1982 when the chances of survival were pretty low. She got through it, but the experience changed everyone in the family.

????We learnt how important it is to believe in success and to fight for it, how to live in the present and how to have fun even in the darkest times. And my sister learnt how to be creative  even when being tied to a hospital bed. One of the many crafts she got into  was making funny animals from medicine dropper tubes. Like this Yozhik that lives in our bathroom and encourages Alexander to brush his teeth.

Now, many years after the experience, Diana works in an oncology hospital in Moscow teaching kids how to be creative and crafty. She wants to make a book for them about making funny animals from the dropper tubes and I want to help her with getting it published.

We still have to sort out most of the details: what should be the format, how much money we will need and what is a good way to collect donations. I will be back with specific action points soon, but wanted to write about it now so you know what is the next book I will work on and that I might need your help.

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  • Anoush June 19, 2009, 11:56

    Touching story, Lilia, I will be happy to contribute to the Yozhik project.
    All the best with the PhD defence on Monday and hope you have a great celebration afterwards.

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