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Professional playground of the future, June 17, Driebergen, NL

Future WorkspacesWhile I’m busy with all PhD-related things my colleagues in the Future Workspaces are busy organising an event to bring together the results of hard work, playful experiences and thinking about the future ways of working:

The professional playground of the future, June 17, Landgoed ‘de Horst’, Driebergen, Netherlands

During the day, speakers will offer you fresh insights on the Future Workspace and on how playfulness at work can enhance creativity and performance. Next to this, you will get a chance to connect with peers and share ideas and visions. Workshops will offer you the opportunity to experience prototypes around future ways of working in a playful yet business-oriented way. You can walk around in virtual worlds, work together using (multi-)touch surfaces, think about how breaks can stimulate effective working and discover new mobile solutions.

The program is here and you can register online (well, it’s for “family and friends” only, but if you are interested, let me know and I’ll send you the registration code).

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