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Reusable water bottle as a conference give-away

Just posted this as a suggestion for Reboot, but thought it could be relevant for any event:

Last year it was sad to see so many plastic water bottles floating around the building and then going to the trash. I think it would be nice to use reusable water bottles next year and a few watercoolers for refilling them. It could be anything between providing normal plastic bottles and encouraging people to refill them or getting really cool sporty water bottles with Reboot/sponsors on them as a giveaway (personally, I’m a big fan of SIGG bottles, but it could be anything nice to carry).

I guess they should have some way to attach to bags (a carabiner? another good thing to use for sponsors) and a way to personalise, so people are not lost between too many identical bottles (nametags? permanent markers for making own design?). A bottle carrier is another option, could work with normal plastic bottles (something like this one).

So, at the end we all could feel a bit better by being a bit more green.

SIGG water bottleI changed into reusing plastic bottles after I’ve got BuiltNY neoprene bottle case that snaps to my backpack. I did reuse plastic bottles before, but would usually forget to bring one along for day trips and had to buy a new one. It was also a bit scary to put inside the backpack with all the gear and papers. Now I have one that hangs outside – not so scary and easier to access (I also drink more water now :). Never thought it was something special until Patricia Arnold liked the solution and asked me about it.

The only problem with the case is that it hides the bottle. After envying Alexander’s SIGG bottle for a while I asked one for myself as a present – and the one I’ve got now looks too nice to hide 🙂

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  • ismael December 30, 2008, 11:42

    In general, all hardware delivered at all sorts of events should be rethought from scratch.

    Meeting the sponsors’ needs (“show my brand”) with the audience’s (“give me something useful I won’t litter at once”) should not be that difficult…

  • Jeremiah Frink December 31, 2008, 22:53

    We ran a state-wide conference and the gift to presenters was just such a water-bottle. It was wonderfully received and helped to bring up the conversation of both healthy living and going green in many of the side conversations/blogs.

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