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Once more on blogging and writing

Judith Olson in HCI remixed (my sneaky reading when I don’t want to do any PhD writing):

But for me, probably the most important filter on whether or not something is interesting is to tell someone the story. This is a variation on the old saw, “I don’t know what I think until I hear what I say.” In the act of telling the story to someone else, you attempt to frame it in its most interesting surprising way. And, then by seeing the reaction, you can tell whether it is truly interesting or not. (p.232)

That’s why blogging as a way to write research works for me – it’s telling stories to someone else.

I spent half a day  “jumping between dissertation and wordpress since I don’t know where the piece I want to write should go first” (twitter). Finally wrote it as a dissertation section. Decided to blog – and then immediately saw where it has to be revised. Remembered the quote from last night’s reading. Had to write this post.

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