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Blog networking and crossing boundaries for CPsqure research and dissertation fest

I’m still alive, but quiet: struggling to come up with the first draft of the final chapter of my dissertation and preparing for a conversation at SPsquare research and dissertation fest tomorrow. I’ll be talking about some puzzling things in the blog networking study and my current explanations for them.

Slides and some notes are below, but since it’s very much work-in-progress it might be better to join the discussion tomorrow (20:00 GMT, Skype/phone, contact me for the details) or wait till I blog it.


Puzzling things:

Blog networking

Publication vs. interaction – will add a link when blogged.

I use weblog of Nancy White as an example, so you may want to check it and the summary of interview with her.

Key publications I refer to:

  • affinity/commitment/attention
    • Nardi, B. A. (2005). Beyond bandwidth: dimensions of connection in interpersonal communication. Computer Supported Cooperative Work, 14(2), 91-130. doi:10.1007/s10606-004-8127-9
  • crossing boundaries
    • Star, S. L. & Griesemer, J. R. (1989). Institutional Ecology, ‘Translations’ and Boundary Objects: Amateurs and Professionals in Berkeley’s Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, 1907-39. Social Studies of Science, 19(4), 387-420. doi:10.1177/030631289019003001
    • Wenger, E. (1998). Communities of practice: Learning, meaning and identity. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Martin Dugage December 2, 2008, 23:51

    Great presentation Lilia. Thanks for sharing that with all of us.
    Please convey my regards to Robert the Magnificent and to ????? ??????????

  • Martin Dugage December 2, 2008, 23:52

    and to Alexander the Great (your blog does not accept greek characters)

  • Lilia Efimova December 3, 2008, 00:23

    Will do. Had to send them outside for a walk since no way Alexander would go to bed without me knowing that I was in the house. Heard them coming back in the middle of it, one awake and one asleep.

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