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Draft chapter for a review: Blogging PhD ideas

Please let me know if you are interested to review a draft of my dissertation chapter focused on analysing my practices of using weblog as an instrument to develop PhD ideas. I’m still not happy with it, but could definitely do with a feedback from those brave souls who do not mind commenting on work in progress.

[I’ll be travelling the coming week, so it might take a few days to reply.]

The study

Chapter 3: Blogging PhD ideasThe focus of this study is on how weblogs support one specific aspect of knowledge work – developing ideas (see the diagram on the right to see which parts of the knowledge work framework are covered). Although I share the belief that knowledge is socially constructed, here I look at this process from a personal perspective, using my own example to explore how a weblog could be used to aid individual contributions to the collective whole. To do so I reconstruct my personal blogging practices from three perspectives:

First I focus on exploring how blogging supports managing ideas as a permanent “overhead” practice of building one’s own knowledge: I use insights from the personal information management research as a lens to explore my practices of using weblog as a personal knowledge base.

Then I look at the “activation-awareness” scale of the framework in respect to ideas: the process of turning fuzzy early insights into a specific product. In that respect I analyse my practices of using weblog at different stages of developing PhD ideas and dissertation writing as a core task (the issues of using weblog as a research instrument are covered in more detail in another chapter).

Finally, I explore the contextual factors that influence the development of those blogging practices by examining what issues arise as a result of blogging being situated at an intersection of personal, social and organisational contexts.

Chapter outline

  • Useful lenses: PIM, GTD and advice on writing
    • Personal information management
    • Personal productivity: getting things done
    • Writing
    • Summary
  • Research approach
    • Case
    • Methods
    • Quality criteria
    • Writing conventions
  • Results: weblog as a personal knowledge base
    • Creating items to form a collection
    • Organisation of items
    • Maintenance of the collection
    • Retrieval of items for reuse
    • Summary
  • Results: from fuzzy feelings to finished results
    • An example: thinking about weblog research ethics
    • Awareness and articulation
    • Sense-making
    • Turning into products
    • Summary
  • Results: personal blogging practices in a context
    • Integrating with work
    • Broken blogging routines
    • Myself vs. others
    • Attribution and ownership
    • Summary
  • Discussion

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  • Samuel August 15, 2008, 20:26

    I’d be glad to help you!

  • Gabriela August 26, 2008, 22:59

    Can’t promise anything if you’re under time pressure, but I’d be happy to help too!

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