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Personal side of social media: learning from weblogs

I did an internal talk today, trying to put in a coherent story some results from two studies and emergent ideas about conclusions for my dissertation. I’m not extremely happy with what came out of it, but in case someone wants it – it’s at Slideshare.

Some comments on the stuff covered:

Both studies also exist as PhD chapter drafts that I can share with those really interested; final part will appear in some form in the conclusions of my dissertation, due end of the summer.

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  • Martin Calvert June 24, 2008, 06:43


    Just thought I would drop you a comment to say I found your slides very useful..especially the reference to urban theory. While I’m here I might as well state the obvious and say I think your blog is great and that I respect your bravery in sharing stuff like this that you’re not so happy with. It’s a cool thing and something more academics need to do.


    PS – I’m doing a phd on the use value of Livejournal for a cohort of Russian environmentalists, if you want to share super fun blog talk sometime. No pressure!

  • Lilia Efimova June 24, 2008, 13:07

    Martin, would love to talk on LJ research, but picking up the timing is a bit tricky… Feel free to email if you think there is a specific issue where I can help.

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