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My ideal day at work…

A few months ago I participated in a cultural probes study of communication at work. One of the things I had to do was writing about my ideal day at work. Found it in email today and thought of reposting – could be interesting to look back at it in 10 years 🙂


Ideally I would have a teleportation device. Something that would bring me closer to far away people I work with. Of course, we have all technology-mediated ways of working, all presence-awareness-ambient-intimacy tools, but nothing could beat having a lunch together. Even tea/coffee would do. Something “around work”, not actually working on things (this we can manage in technology-mediated ways), but bits and pieces of connecting at more personal level in between.

I would also have a little babel fish in my ear, so I would understand those speaking other languages, without becoming stressed myself or making them uncomfortable.

And I would have a “Mary Poppins” bag – I’d put my office stuff in there – books, papers, gadgets. Then I’d teleport to nice locations and work there, taking breaks to do little sightseeing or to taste local food while continuing work conversations. I’d also have a foldable “awareness” screen in the bag. It would show in some easy to decode visual way when people I work with or those in more extended professional network do something relevant to my own interests.

And my laptop will be sand-proof with perfectly visible things on the screen while outside and it would fold to almost nothing. And it would work from sun or wind or rain or movement of the train and would have internet connection even in a forest.

Or, if I have to be more practical… I don’t know… I’m working on changing things I don’t like and try to be patient with those I can’t change. I like having an office where I can put all my stuff around and work without too many interruptions. I like having opportunities to socialise if I feel like it. I could definitely do with better food, like a nice café downstairs with wifi, whiteboards and a projector. I’d book it for all my meetings and spend some other time with my laptop, piece of cake and a cappuccino.

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