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What I want to do when I’m done with my PhD

Back from Online Information. Hopefully I will find energy to post on all kinds of insights from it once I’m done with the introduction chapter that was patiently waiting for me. Only one thing before that – various conversations at the conference helped me to formulate what I want to do when I’m done with my PhD:

  • studying specific cases of Web2.0* in companies (what people are actually doing with those tools and why)
  • and then translating insights from those to
    • introduction/facilitation/governance strategies
    • technology requirements

Not that far from what I’m actually doing with blogging in my PhD research 🙂

*The main reason I want to study Web2.0 is that the values behind it and the change it brings at a workplace correspond well with what I believe in. Technologies will come and go, but some of the lessons they teach stay – it’s those that I’m curious to discover.


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