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Methodology chapter: Matching quality criteria and verification strategies

[From draft version of methodology chapter for my dissertation, slightly adapted for the web]

The table below presents an overview of verification strategies and their relevance to the quality criteria.

Verification strategy




Exposure Being long enough in the right places talking to a variety of people to uncover important issues


Alternative interpretations are uncovered and represented Data source: rich picture, replicating findings across data sources
Study: replicating findings in other contexts with other methods
Researcher: decreasing subjectivity
Theorising Teasing out the implicit Clear theoretical contribution by justifying research questions and positioning the results

Participants as co-researchers

Participants have a chance to make sure that important issues are uncovered and reported Participants have an opportunity to shape research to have practical relevance
Gives power back


Uncovering and accounting for unexpected in the process of doing research Articulating subjectivity in writing Revealing dilemma’s and uncertainties in research process engages readers
Ethics (no bad impact)’
Transparency Provides evidence of researcher’s immersion in the field Allows alternative examination or replication of the study
Thick description “Transports” the reader to the field through quotes and contextualised descriptions Connection between data and conceptual categories is evident in the text
Readers have enough contextual information to decide how far results could be generalised
Engaging readers through storytelling
Purposeful confessional writing Provides a view onto researcher practices next of those studied Delineating between “objective” data and subjective interpretations Engaging readers through sharing personal experiences and uncertainties

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