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  Tuesday, May 29, 2007

  BlogWalk Amsterdam: random notes

There is no way I can make a post from it before Reboot, so just a collection of food for thought

  • funny how self-employed people talk about working 9-18 (to create boundaries or simply because their clients work those hours)
  • partners of digital bohemians - do you need a whole 'bohemian' family to have this as a life/work-style?
  • I don't think I'll go to work for a company that requires cubicle or hotdesking (and I'm going to find a piece from in-flight magazine that says that this is not productive) - how working in a cafe on a regular basis is different?
  • another perspective on using cafes with wifi for work - Coffeeshop campers & the honor system & Would you like some coffee with that wifi? 

And I still have to finish that post about my dream bag. This one after Reboot.


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