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  Tuesday, April 17, 2007

  Baby-blogs: pregnancy, birth and all kinds of things about parenting

I tell everyone that I hardly read blogs now. It's not really true: I hardly read blogs from my usual reading list. Instead I read what I call "baby-blogs", an eclectic selection of those on pregnancy, birth and all kinds of things about parenting. I thought I'd share some of those...

The Shape of a Mother - "Becoming a mother changes everything in your world - including your body. Here we share images of our bodies during and after pregnancy so we can see what real women look like."

It is extremely powerful - a very good example of what a blog could be.

Midwife: Sage Femme, Hebamme, Comadrona, Partera - "The insights, passions and opinions of a homebirth midwife and mother."

For the other side - the one supporting birth and talking about it from non-medical perspective.

The Motherwear Breastfeeding Blog

An entry into the world of breastfeeding blogs - with their carnivals of breastfeeding, stories about nursing in public in different cultures or saving the planet by sitting on the couch.

Parent Hacks - "a collaborative weblog of practical parenting wisdom"

Something to find solutions to the problems that I still have to discover :)

Lunch in a Box: Building a Better Bento

I guess it will be a while before I have to pack lunches for Alexander, but so far I'm picking up ideas for my own "back to work" time.


For all those designy, useful and not-so-much things that I shouldn't buy (it never hurts to be an educated consumer :)

More on: life parenting 

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