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BlogWalk 11 – Amsterdam, 18 May, Digital Bohemiens

It has been a long time, but finally BlogWalk is back – BlogWalkEleven, 18 May, Amsterdam.

The theme for this session is Digital Bohemiens.

Digital Bohemiens are (relatively) young people, fully adapted to the digital lifestyle. They see a city as their home, and are connected in European and global networks. They flock to conferences as their meeting places. If we look at this (somewhat exaggerated) portrait of the avant garde of internet users, what can we say about things like:

  • the tools they use
  • how they learn and develop themselves
  • how they support a highly mobile life style
  • the organisational models and business models that fit these networked individuals

As you see this is a broad subject that allows for enough space for wide ranging but deep conversations and dialogue.

BlogWalks are free formatted face to face salons aimed to bring together social software researchers and practitioners for in-depth conversations about their work, possible trends, and visions. They are low- or even zero-budget affairs, where apart from paying your own way for food and travel, no costs are involved.

BlogWalks are invitation-only, but it’s easy to be invited – just email Ton Zijlstra and tell a bit on why you have to be there (you can email me as well, but then it depends on how long Alexander keeps me offline 🙂

Other important things:

  • BlogWalk participants
  • We are still looking for a (baby-friendly 🙂 venue in Amsterdam – please, contact Ton for any suggestions.
  • If you live in Amsterdam and would be happy to host people travelling from abroad, please, contact Ton as well.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2007/04/11.html#a1887; comments are here.

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