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Rediscovering work-life balance

[has been in drafts for a while]

I knew that giving birth was about priority changing, but somehow I didn’t expect how difficult it would be. I has been surprised with myself – being happy as stay-at-home-mom, being hardly energised and engaged by work-related talking, and, on the top of it, not looking forward getting back to work.

It’s still about a month before that. I already took a couple of weeks extra, but I keep on thinking if it was too little. One side of me says that another few weeks will not make much difference, that it makes a lot of sense to get back to my PhD research to get faster to the finish line, that eventually I’ll get all the fun of work back and will be happier… Another side wonders how it would feel to abandon those “lets see what the day will bring” days, with feeding on demand, cuddling, playing, little discoveries and, most of all, being able to see his eyes and his smile at any moment [although there is yet another side that tells to take the rose glasses off and think of all those crampy moments when I’m extremely happy to see Robert coming back from work to take over 🙂 ].

I know that work can always wait and I wonder how I will feel about not taking those few weeks extra when I look back in ten years time. But for now – the arrangements are made and I’m getting prepared. I guess this time rediscovering work-life balance will be a serious challenge.

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