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Not speaking the same language

One of the reasons behind not blogging is my mom being around here and me enjoying precious f2f time with her. Next to all other things it makes me thinking about the importance of peripheral awareness once again.

As you probably know, my mom and my husband don’t speak the same language. They usually can find a way around when they need to talk to each other, either by mixing sign language with words of whatever languages that they know both or turning to technology. It’s usually works when they talk directly to each other.

However, when both of them are around and talk to me it’s different: often they can’t figure out what I’m talking about with another one and start talking about something completely different. I end up trying to talk in two languages with two people about two different subjects at the same time. Each of them can’t make enough sense of another conversation to decide if it’s a good moment to interrupt and if their own topic takes me somewhere completely different…

Which reminds me of a story [I guess on Discovery channel] about an airplane collision at Charles de Gaulle Airport: from what I can remember it could be prevented if non-French crew would understand background radio chat in French. I tried to find the story, but the closest I’ve got is this one. The description says:

Contributory factors include: […] The use of two languages for radio communications, which meant that the Shorts crew were not conscious that the MD 83 was going to take off. […]

Not that we have any serious casualties at home, but sometimes I feel a bit schizophrenic 🙂

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