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  Thursday, January 11, 2007

  Unbloggable time

As you probably noticed that I don't blog much. It's not because I'm not allowed to work anymore (on maternity leave :), but because my brain is busy with all kinds of unbloggable baby-to-come things. I have a few drafted posts that I will try to finish and few that didn't get posted due to the technical issues, so those might appear...

I guess blogging will be very sporadic coming weeks - my Flickr stream and Skype tagline could be more up-to-date with what is happening :)

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  Rites of passage

After a long discussion on all kinds of baby books and facts a few days ago my mom said that I had a scientific approach to pregnancy and birth. This is probably true, given my personal approach in science: get as much objective background information as possible and then follow your gut feelings. Somehow reading as much as I can makes me feel more prepared to follow what is supposed to be a very nature-driven process :)

Recently I was trying to figure out the objective reasons for ironing baby clothes (and it's not as easy as I though - I has been struggling with deciding what kinds of baby items should be ironed - clothes? bedsheets? all kinds of little towels and other pieces of fabric that supposed to be used somewhere?). Not surprisingly I didn't find any formal guidelines, but while ironing I found something else.

I guess ironing baby cloths it's not only about killing bacteria that could be there, it's a process that does something to your brain, shifting feelings and thinking in a direction that takes you one step closer to the things to come. Ironing, like all other one million things you are supposed to do before birth, seems to be the part of a ritual that takes you from here to there - a preparation for a transition...

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