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  Thursday, December 14, 2006

  On knowledge management and learning again

Tony Karrer (via Edu RSS):

Interesting discussion going on with contribution by Luis Suarez, Jay Cross, David Wilson - around the distinction between Knowledge Management and Learning:

Knowledge Management and Informal Learning
Knowledge Management and Learning - Separated at Birth? - Where They Really?
KM & learning: separated at birth?
KM and Learning

Sometimes it's funny and a bit frustrating to see the discussion coming back to the same issues... I guess this is because where I started myself, moving from HRD/training/(e)-learning to KM 5 years ago: from recognising similarities between those fields and from disappointments that they are hardly connected when it comes to shared language and practices. This is also where my PhD has started (I'm far away from there now :) - from fascination with informal learning and recognising the potential of integrating HRD and KM thinking to support it better...

We did some work trying to figure out the overlaps and gaps between KM and learning in theory and practice (mainly focusing on corporate settings) and looked for directions for integration. I have some bits and pieces in my weblog, but it probably makes more sense to look at the papers since they document things in a more coherent way (both are based on the data from interviews and workshops with practitioners):

Efimova, L., & Swaak, J. (2002). KM and (e)-learning: towards an integral approach? "The new scope of knowledge management in Theory and Practice", proceedings of the 2nd EKMF Knowledge Management Summer School (KMSS02). 2-6 September 2002, Sophia Antipolis, France.

Efimova, L. & Swaak, J. (2003). Converging knowledge management, training and e-learning: scenarios to make it workJournal of Universal Computer Science, Vol. 9/6 2003, pp. 571-578.

More on: KM&learning papers 

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