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  Friday, December 01, 2006

  Differences between publications on academic and business blogging

[Inspired by an abrupt switch in reading, going from business blogging papers to blogging in academia chapters by Alex (Scholarly blogging: Moving towards the visible college, pp.117-126) and Jill (Blogging from inside the Ivory Tower, pp.127-138) in Uses of blogs.]

Just a very subjective observation (=may not be true :): the issues I'm interested in respect to employee blogging (e.g.) seem to be better covered in publications on blogging in academia rather than those on blogging in business settings. I wonder why...

Business blogging papers seem to be aiming at explaining where and why weblogs could be useful in a business context and how to make them work. They do not necessarily speak the language that managers would understand, but they seem to embrace an organisational perspective as a starting point when discussing weblogs.

Academic blogging publications are different - they seem to be written having in mind fellow academics as potential readers. They often describe blogging practices from personal (rather than organisational) perspective even while positioning them in a broader context of academic practices.

Given what I have observed so far I'd think that the tensions between a blogger and an organisation she works for are much harder in business (academics seem to enjoy relatively more degrees of freedom at work), yet the authors discussing blogging in academia are more likely to talk about those tensions. I wonder if it is exactly because those more 'degrees of freedom', tensions are more apparent to or more likely to be discussed in the papers aimed at academics...

Or it's just my own filters :)

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