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Theories/Practices of Blogging in Reconstruction (Vol. 6, No. 4, 2006)

A special issue of Theories/Practices of Blogging edited by Michael Benton and Lauren Elkin is out. Looking forward to reading!

I loved the Blogroll section of the issue with the annotated collection of links to “Why I blog” posts by various bloggers – not only the idea of it (blurring the boundaries of blogging culture as the object of investigation and part of the reality being lived), but also the complexity of what comes from reading the selection. If someone would ask me an advice right now about a study of blogger motivations with something like a survey, I’d point to the collection with a challenge to come up with a set of questions that would describe the variety of it [fighting my own PhD demons here :)]…

I also have mixed feelings about my own contribution to it. From one side, I’m happy that my essay and one of the posts became the part of it. From another, it feels like I could do more – getting together all drafts and bits I wrote on my own blogging research experiences into a proper essay. Over last two years I was starting to work on it on three different occasions (including two attempts for Reconstruction), but somehow wasn’t able to get it into something finished for an external reader. May be its time hasn’t come yet and I need more time to shape what I want to say there…

And I’m really grateful to one of the editors of the issue, Michael Benton. Not only he introduced me to autoethnography (pretty much as I describe in Two papers), he kept encouraging me through the process of working on things I has been too scared to touch…

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