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Non-linear writing

One day I should look more into learning/thinking styles to understand myself better. As for now I’m just struggling with parallel processing.

Some people are linear writers – they start with introduction and write all the way to the conclusion. I’m not like that: I start somewhere, jump all over the place adding things here and there till the whole thing emerges. My early drafts are never readable since no one else can see the logic in those bits and pieces.

Long time ago I wrote about PhD as jigsaw puzzle. It’s still there, not only methodology-wise, but also writing-wise: not only I jump back and forth between parts of the same paper, my brain also jumps wanting to write pieces of dissertation chapters before I have an agreed structure of what should be there.

Blogging helps with getting small pieces out of the way to focus on things I have to focus on, but not sure it will scale for the dissertation… On the other side I probably shouldn’t worry – who knows if my brain will get rewired with all the changes to come 🙂

Back to writing.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/11/22.html#a1858; comments are here.

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