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  Monday, November 20, 2006

  Personal vs. business dimensions of employee blogging: other bloggers

Blogging research thoughts is addictive: instead of waiting forewer to get things published you can get feedback almost instantly. It was a bit scary to post on personal vs. business dimensions of employee blogging last week, but the comments I'm getting are really helpful to move further with it.

Refining the dimensions will take a bit more time, but now a couple of things:

  • Jack Vinson suggested to add a radar chart for the dimensions to support visual thinkers, so there is an updated version of the Excel template for you to play with.
  • I tried to compare the profiles of bloggers who did it for their weblogs in a radar chart (below). Colored lines represent specific bloggers; thick black line is an average. It's interesting to see a lot of variation along most of the dimensions, except initiative to start (starting on personal initiative) and blog uses (mainly work-related) - I'd suspect this would be pretty typical in "my corner of the blogosphere" :)

And, a collection of links to the profiles of other bloggers (will be adding here as soon as I find more): Scott WilsonWytze Koopal, Joel Yuvienco, Jack Vinson, Marting Dugage, Nancy White, Barbara Dieu, Beth Kanter, Breyten Ernsting, Wilfred Rubens, Tore Hoel, Monica Andre, Emma Duke-Williams, Hans Mestrum

There is an updated picture as well (it's changing as I get input from more people):

More on: blogs in business PhD 

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