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  Tuesday, November 14, 2006

  Changing shapes

My weblog is not that personal. Although being personal (confessional?) style-wise, I don't feel comfortable writing too much about my private life: this is something left to other spaces and other channels (friends-only Flickr photos, secret wedding blog, emails, Skype, f2f...). Still, major changes in my life find some way here, since for me personal and professional are not easily separated.

Some of the personal events are truly life-changing, so it's hard to stay the same person as you have been before once you go through them and your writing can't stay the same. Since I started blogging I has been wondering what would happen with my blogging once I get kids will I turn into a mommy-blogger? will I start another weblog for it? will I keep that part of my life out of the web?

Changing shapesI still don't know, but I guess I will find out soon. My own shapes are changing, so I guess the shape of this space will change as well. In both cases I know that the change is coming, but I may only guess where it would lead me :)

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