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  Thursday, October 19, 2006

   Weblog-mediated relationship: a co-constructed narrative

It's online as promised.

Artefacts of a weblog-mediated relationshipEfimova, L. & Ben Lassoued, A. (forthcoming) Weblog-mediated relationship: a co-constructed narrative, in S. Holland (Ed.) Remote relationships in a small world, Peter Lang Publishing.

Weblogs provide a fertile ground for finding interested others and getting into closer contact. As visible from our case, the beginning of this process can be asymmetrical and doesn't necessary imply a commitment to communicate from both sides, but over time blogging strangers can turn into blogging friends. Based on our own case we cannot provide definite answers why this happens, but there are a few factors that did it for us: reciprocity of potential benefits from communicating to each other, vulnerable writing and an ability to go beyond blogging in our choice of communication media.

A few notes:

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