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  Tuesday, September 26, 2006

  Going to SHiFT

SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas For TechnologyFlying again tomorrow - this time to Portugal, to speak at SHiFT conference (on Blogging on the edge: between personal passions, work practices and business risks).

Looking forward to meet old friends and other interesting people, get some fresh ideas and find a bit of time for Portuguese sweets (that even Indian sweets can't beat as No.1 :)

And, since I couldn't manage to do both - no BlogTalk for me this time :(

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  Crossing boundaries: A case study of employee blogging

Just to let you know that finally some parts of the research on blogging at Microsoft are going to be published:

Efimova, L. & Grudin, J. (2007). Crossing boundaries: A case study of employee blogging. Proceedings of the Fortieth Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-40). Los Alamitos: IEEE Press.

Abstract. Editors, email, and instant messaging were first widely used by students who later brought knowledge of their uses and effective practices into workplaces. Weblogs may make such a transition more quickly. We present a study of emergent blogging practices in a corporate setting. We attended meetings, read email, documents, and weblogs, and interviewed 38 people—bloggers, infrastructure administrators, attorneys, public relations specialists, and executives. We found an experimental, rapidly-evolving terrain marked by growing sophistication about balancing personal, team, and corporate incentives and issues.

The paper is going to appear in a company of other interesting papers at HICSS'07, but unfortunately I can't be there myself.

I promised not to make it public till beginning of November (will add a link then!), but if you can always email me for a copy. The feedback is appreciated very much - I'm thinking of a follow-up journal publication.

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