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Observed, lived and written: random thoughts on meeting Lee and Sachi in Moscow

Last year in Seattle, when Lee and Sachi were planning their trip around the globe I said I wanted to show them Moscow. The chances to meet there were slim – they didn’t have any definite plans and I’m in Moscow just a few weeks in a year…

I don’t know how, but it actually worked – I was there when they arrived as part of their transsiberian journey, we could find each other and spent a nice day together. For me it’s always very special to show foreigners around my own city, but this time was even more special.

I have been reading TWINF for months – it’s started from checking how Lee and Sachi were doing once in a while, but slowly grew into some kind of light addiction, waiting to see the next story from their journey. It felt like some kind of reality show that I was following, but the one where the people were not completely strangers… Now it took another turn – we met and my position changed from an observer to a participant – I made part of their story… The most funny and strange thing is that what I know as the events of the day we spent together is not the story itself. I guess it will take a few more days till their impressions of Moscow get online and I have no idea what story they will tell. It’s a very strange and special anticipation…

[and, in case you are wondering, I’m back to NL]

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