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  Tuesday, September 05, 2006

  My work-related interests

I had to make a couple of slides describing my work interests in an informal way, so I thought of posting them here as well. Could be useful as an informal intro* and interesting in retrospect...

What I do best: asking questions and recognising patterns, initiating and facilitating change, workshop/learning facilitation, boundary spanning, translating from research to practice and back

Contexts: knowledge management, human resources development, technologies for collaboration, learning and knowledge sharing (including those under "social software" umbrella), technology adoption and change management

Things I value at work: flexibility in time and space, participatory leadership, space for diversity, time for good arguments before settling for a compromise

Topics I'd like to explore

  • Personal (something) management personal ways of managing things around work (information, relations, time, productivity, etc.) and ways of supporting it
  • Managing things you can't control (e.g. knowledge work)
  • Web 2.0 (emergent technologies - low-weight and bottom up) and Enterprise 2.0 (how those could change work and what is needed for that)
  • Digital traces making of what is already there, personal/social/business implications, privacy and ownership
  • Ambient information and knowledge supporting peripheral awareness
  • Technology introduction/adoption across contexts
  • Supporting work and life of people with no work/life balance

Activities I'd like to be involved

  • Qualitative, exploratory studies
    • Don't ask me to do experimental research I'm bad at it (so I'll come up with enough explanations why it's bad for the project ;)
  • User studies (e.g. prototype evaluation)
  • Support for introduction/implementation
  • Workshop/training/community facilitation face-to-face and online
  • Integration between social, business and technology perspectives (e.g. while designing a solution)
  • Business cases, "selling" research (results) to managers
  • Project management

* Just a note - not looking for any big new thing (project or job ;) before my PhD is close to completion, but always up for a conversation and a bit of thinking/reading/writing...

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