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‘Don’t blog on Fridays’: collisions between blogging and work – HUMlab talk

Today at 10:15 (GMT+1) I’m speaking on blogging and work at HUMlab. There is a streaming video and you should be able to Skype in.

One of my broader interests is to understand what happens when emergent technologies (like blogs or wikis) come to a workplace. What happens to passion and lack of central control enabling those tools when they collide with boundaries, rules and business interests of an organization?

During this seminar I present the results of my study of weblogs at Microsoft and focus on the dilemmas faced by a blogger employed by a big company, changes in working practices and relationships because of blogging, as well as the implications of those. I also interlay it with the examples from my own experiences of blogging research to illustrate that many of those dilemmas and changes apply to academic environments as well.

Related: Author-centred vs. topic-centred blogging, details on studying weblogs at Microsoft and relevant blog posts.

Also: I say it in the talk, but it makes sense to put in writing – “don’t blog on Fridays” in the title comes from comments by one anonymous reviewer of the paper to be published, who picked it up in the text and suggested that it would make a good title. I agree (as with many other comments that helped to move the work further).

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/08/23.html#a1819; comments are here.

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