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Research on differences in technology uses (for collaboration) inside companies vs. internet uses

Michael Angeles is looking for research on differences in collaboration, publishing and information sharing between intranet and internet users. I expect there should be quite a lot of stuff on the topic – any suggestions?

Some of the things I thought about:

Work of Dirk Stenmark on intranets (I referred to his paper earlier in knowledge vs. information discussion):

There should be also some stuff on communities online vs. in companies – at least it is discussed often if you talk to people heavily into supporting corporate communities. Andy, Martin – any suggestions here?

There are bits and pieces regarding differences of blogging outside/inside. I have some hints on the issues here and there in my weblog and will have more as my PhD progresses. Elmine had a comment on that in her talk on “blogs and Habermas”. If there is something in English it should be in this paper.

I could also imagine relevant things in the work of Jonathan Grudin – one of his interests is in corporate adoption of “internet technologies”. This one should be on the topic:

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