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  Thursday, July 20, 2006

  Telling your boss about your blog

Robert Scoble comments on the story of a UK blogger in France being fired for blogging.

As usual, the things I find interesting are not on the topic, but around it - this time it's about the role of a blogger's manager:

If your boss doesnít know youíre doing it, that should set off alarm bells right there. Talking online WILL get back to your boss. Unless you are so freaking careful to make sure you stay anonymous (like MiniMicrosoft, Microsoftís anonymous blogger, has so far). This person obviously didnít stay anonymous enough. Itís why I donít advise anyone try the anonymous route: either be straight up with your boss and everyone, or stay off the Internet. 

[cut half of the post]

Anytime you are identifyable with your company youíve gotta be professional about your behavior. Itís why at Microsoft we said the policy was 'be smart.' That roughly translated to 'donít piss off your boss.'


Of course, the point is where to draw the line: telling your boss about all your activities online doesn't make sense and the boundary between blogging about personal life and work is often sooo blurred...

  Take-aways from UK trip

Recovering from the heat and intensive human contact of Cambridge and London. Next to the time with friends and a tiny bit of sightseeing we went to Microsoft Research Socio-Digital Systems group, e-mint event on communities and blogs with Nancy White and Headshift.

Some things to remember:

Hmm, this post seems to escape categorisation...

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