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  Monday, June 12, 2006

  Reboot circles

The best feedback you can have as an event organiser - Ton on his experiences at Reboot 8:

On the way to the after party, someone asked me what I like to do in my spare time.

I planned to go initially, but had to make choices. Now, like circles on the water, I see the circles of photos, notes and reflections in online spaces around me.

More on: face-to-face time 

  Location-aware future

By coincidence I found out that Nancy is coming to Europe in a near future. Wonder, why it always have to be like that?

We have many location-aware tools, but those I know are pretty much about now and past: showing where people are or where they've been. I want to see the future.

I'm ready to share my travel calendar with my friends. I guess many of them would do the same. I'd love to have some tool that would allow me to:

  • share selected events from my Outlook calendar with my online friends (ideally using my friend lists in whatever tools with friends I specify instead of making another one)
  • have a notification tool saying something like "Nancy is coming to Europe - may be you should check if you can be around" or "do you know that X are coming to the same conference as you do" or "three of your contacts are going to be within 20 km range from that meeting in Germany next week"

It shouldn't be that difficult. And we need something like that. In the world where far-away-very-close-friends make us looking at any chance for a meeting it doesn't make sense to leave it to coincidences...

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