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  Monday, June 05, 2006

  Stop apologising for knowledge management

David Gurteen has a nice piece at Inside Knowledge - Stop apologising for knowledge management!

I wonder if they really think that there could ever be a short two or three word phrase that could adequately described this discipline we call knowledge management.

And yes it’s OK to make the point that we cannot really manage knowledge but do we really need to attack the name by referring to it as an oxymoron?

To my mind, there is no need to apologise for the term. It is just a label. A label does not need to be descriptive. If you really choke on the words ‘knowledge management’ then use the shorter label – just call it ‘kay-em’. It is then so much more obviously just a label and, if needs be, you can go on to describe it.

This is pretty much the position I take myself, but I'm glad David raised the issue in a public venue. Wonder how people would react :)

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