ALT Spring: Research workshop on lifelong learning

by Lilia Efimova on 7 April 2006

Interesting things from today:

  • video diaries on student learning habits
  • blogs as portfolios – time, tools and common format for digesting
  • “presumption of competence”
  • formative vs. summative – not only assessment of competencies, but also assessment of research
  • taking responsibility for choosing learning options vs. can you judge learning options about things you don’t know
  • role of intermediaries (people and tools) to help navigating learning landscape

Those pages are likely to move, but I keep links here for a while:

Relevant pieces from earlier blog posts:

  • On the ownership of “learning traces”
  • My papers on weblogs as technology to support learning
  • Archived version of this entry is available at; comments are here.

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