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Wedding invitations

This wedding of us is a challenge. It’s not only cross-cultural logistics of it, but also my so-much-distributed network of imaginary friends. I tried to figure out whom to send the invitations to, but weighting together the strengths of the relationship, personal/professional nature of it, likelihood of travelling that far and one million other things doesn’t make it easy. So, I decided to do something similar to what we did with BlogWalk invitations:

We are going to get married.
The wedding is invitation-only, but if you feel like being invited – let me know.

To make it a bit easier – I probably would love to see you at our wedding if (some of those):

  • we have a personal connection next to all the work stuff
  • you know who is the guy
  • you can see the invitation
  • you know more than one way to contact me

And please don’t link to the wedding blog (we are trying to hide it 😉

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/04/04.html#a1754; comments are here.

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