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Complex domains and researcher accountability

Two things coming from Sebastian Fiedler mould into my thinking on PhD methodology.

The first post What Is “Good” Education Research? points to an article by Karl Hostetler (.pdf) discussing the ethics and politics of education research (themes that much in my thinking due to all my ethnographic readings).

The second is a quote from Søren Kierkegaard:

Life can only be understood backwards.
In the meantime, it has to be lived forwards.

CynefinThis one connects to retrospective coherence of complex domains (Dave Snowden/Cynefin, see the paper (.pdf)) and my attempts to figure out good methods of studying it.

What keeps bothering me is a misalignment of research methodologies that are perceived as “more scientific” (~easier to defend) and my own research values/interests (especially: complex domains and researcher accountability).

I’ll have to find a way for resolving it – this is the only way for completing a PhD without compromising my values.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/03/31.html#a1752; comments are here.

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