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How blogging makes my life difficult

I thought of writing this post for quite some time already – as a counterbalance for enthusiastic speaking about blogging (others tend to percieve me as more optimistic about weblogs than I actually am 🙂

So, how blogging makes my (research) life difficult:

I can’t pretend that I don’t know about a particular stream on blogging research while writing a literature overview – there are always signals coming from the blogosphere saying that it’s there. I’m learning to be handle it.

I’m so used to the constant feedback loop that I’d rather figure out how to embrace it than let myself be methodologically “clean” to avoid “contaminating the data”.

Being able to tag emergent themes for ages in my weblog and del.icio.us I find difficult sticking to any strict coding categories – I’m spoiled by an opportunity to extend tags at any moment.

I had an experience of watching how other (“competitor”) weblog researcher submitted their papers to a conference. I did too. Then I was watching their happy “accepted” posts while I didn’t have any reviewer feedback yet.

I see a lot of good work in progress. Sometimes it makes me loosing confidence about my own work.

My peer network spans across many boundaries. Sometimes it makes me feel that I don’t know anymore what is my own field.


All that said – I have more to enjoy than to complain. Where else would you feel so much embedded into a learning network?

And, as an alternative view: a picture that comes out when Anjo runs his text analysis tools on my blog posts that talk about blogging as research.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/03/29.html#a1749; comments are here.

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