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Automatic context-aware live blogging

Something that I had to blog one million years ago – my colleagues are working on the cool things in MobiLife project.

One of the things they are working on is Context Watcher:

The Context Watcher is a mobile application developed in Python, and running on Nokia Series 60 phones. Its aim is to make it easy for an end-user to automatically record, store, and use context information, e.g. for personalization purposes, as input parameter to information services, or to share with family, friends, colleagues or other relations, or just to log them for future use or to perform statistics on your own life.

The context watcher application is able to record information about the user’s

  • Location (based GPS and/or GSM cell based)
  • Mood (based on user input)
  • Activities and meetings (based on reasoning)
  • Body data (based on heart and foot sensors)
  • Weather (based on a location-inferred remote weather CP)
  • Visual data (pictures enhanced with contextual data)

The uses of it are nicely illustrated by Johan Koolwaaij. His Flickr photos are not only automatically posted from his mobile phone, but also automatically annotated with all kinds of context metadata (e.g. location or people around). Then it goes further – to context-aware live blogging. Weblog posts are automatically generated from all kinds of data and look like that:

A busy Cebit and Hotel Hubertus day

Today was a busy Cebit and Hotel Hubertus day (70.4% covered). I took 8 pictures in Hannover.

[Flickr pictures go here ]

I visited Hannover (52.9%) and Laatzen (37.4%), mainly Cebit (43.5%) and Hotel Hubertus (35.3%). I met wahlau (42.1%). My maximum speed was 153.3 km/h.

More examples, docs and code to download are at context watcher showcase. See also presentation (.ppt).


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