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Drupal-based e-learning examples?

I’m looking for examples and how-tos of how Drupal could be used in e-learning settings (class/group/course management part is important) – any suggestions?

Context: in one of the projects we are creating an online space that is supposed to combine content, community and courses. Drupal is pretty much in the shortlist as a tool to support that, however it’s not clear how far it could support course administration and management…

I’d also appreciate any examples of Drupal uses for one of the following:

  • specific learning activities supported within Drupal-based site
  • support for multiple courses (with private spaces)
  • community and personal space integration
  • editor-created content and user-contributed content
  • social networking functionalities (personal profiles, “friends”, finding/matching/introductions)
  • event management (e.g. scheduling, registration, etc.)

The examples are needed for people who are going to work on designing online courses (they have LMS/e-learning experiences, but do not know much about communities, blogs, wikis in educational contexts) and technology people (who know about CMS, community platforms, blogs, wikis, etc., but do not know much about using those tools to support learning) – so it’s all about demonstrating how particular Drupal functionality could be used to support learner/course designer/facilitator/admin activities…

Some things that I came across so far: DrupalEd, Distance Ed with Drupal: A live example, Setting up a blog based classroom site, Drupal Site Configuration Guide (see more at del.icio.us/mathemagenic/Drupal)

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/03/01.html#a1735; comments are here.

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