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Changing blogging platform

You are in love. You know he is not perfect (nobody is), but there is some magic in between and it seems to work well. You want to be together and live long and happily.

Over time you go through good and bad, you learn workarounds, you relationship becomes deeper and more complex tying you closer to each other.

It’s not without problems, but being together is so rewarding that those get sorted. When things start to crack more you work harder to sort them out. You want it to work.

But one day you realise that may be it’s not going to work at all and your energy drains… You give up. You stop sorting out things. You let it be “somehow”.

And you start thinking about living without it. It’s scary, but liberating as well. You start preparing for a move – untying existing dependencies one by one, looking at other options – till the day comes and you are ready.

I started to write this post somewhere in October, but then things got on the way. However, the bottom line is still the same – I’m preparing for chaging the blogging platform. Radio has been great, but things just do not work anymore and I don’t have energy to make it work.

I’m looking for another blogging tool, more or less the following:

  • large user and developer base (as an insurance of further developments)
  • not externally-hosted, server-based, not-too-techy people friendly, reasonable costs could do
  • support for categories/tagging and Cyrillic is a must
  • support for multiple blogs/ group blogs is a plus
  • documented cases of moving Radio weblog to it dramatically increases the chances 🙂

So far I’m thinking about WordPress, but would be happy for any other recommendations.

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2006/01/26.html#a1723; comments are here.

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