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Away from blogging

It has been almost two months since I’m away from blogging. Being overstressed with all things going in life and at work I just decided to take things easy, letting myself not to be worried about not blogging, hardly reading weblogs. missing all interesting things around… What is more important I also took a break from my PhD research, focusing on a project laying further from blogging than many things I did over last couple of years.

I guess it’s time to come back. It similar to a feeling of coming back from a vacation that wasn’t too short – feeling a need to go back to things rather than pushing yourself with sad “I have to…”.

Don’t know how about blogging, but I definitely feel happy taking a break from my PhD research. I’ve got some distance, an opportunity to look from a bit outside at things that were so encompassing before. I guess it’s time to come back – I actually feel like working on it 🙂

And, of course, some interesting things happened over time – will be blogging about them slowly…

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