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  Wednesday, December 14, 2005

  Away from blogging

It has been almost two months since I'm away from blogging. Being overstressed with all things going in life and at work I just decided to take things easy, letting myself not to be worried about not blogging, hardly reading weblogs. missing all interesting things around... What is more important I also took a break from my PhD research, focusing on a project laying further from blogging than many things I did over last couple of years.

I guess it's time to come back. It similar to a feeling of coming back from a vacation that wasn't too short - feeling a need to go back to things rather than pushing youself with sad "I have to...".

Don't know how about blogging, but I definitely feel happy taking a break from my PhD research. I've got some distance, an opportunity to look from a bit outside at things that were so encompassing before. I guess it's time to come back - I actually feel like working on it :)

And, of course, some interesting things happened over time - will be blogging about them slowly...

  BlogTalk reloaded: 2-3 October 2006, Vienna

BlogTalk Reloaded bannerIn case you haven't seen it yet: BlogTalk is reloaded.

Why reloading BlogTalk!

Because it's time for a conference that slows down the speed of picking up memes.
What we need - I think - is time to develop a meaning and concepts of what's going on in our society in relation to the web and its tools.
We need to take a break from those 5 minutes of speed-talks about things that fascinate us but disguise themselves in the moment we kinda invoke them.
Thinking of BlogTalk (t d f) I imagine an inspired crowd of people on the panels and in the audience that reformulate the tools and the use-cases of it in those two days - we need to feedback from users to developers and vice versa.
To do that we need time to prepare for that.
Not quick shots.
Carefully drafted considerations, prototypes and cases.
We need to stop the time for 2 days.

Call for papers is online, submissions are due to 1 April 2006.

More on: BlogTalk 

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