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Life offline (.ru)

Country that doesn't exist anymoreBack to Moscow from Ekaterinburg. Last two weeks were heavily offline, 3 workshops, one-thousand-project-talks, new people, new ideas .ru, lot’s of travel and lack of sleep.

Some observations:

  • lots of thoughts on innovations and communities – deserves a few posts (hopefully I’ll write them)
  • cultural translation is tough (and fun too 😉
  • the dots are starting to get connected (thanks to urbansheep, moedusa and unlinked others)
  • no (working) wifi in Ekaterinburg (netprovodov.ru is supposed to work if you pay, but it worked for some time in one place and had no signal in another), but human connections are easier than in Moscow
  • may be I’ll blog in Russian at the end

It feels that I’m a caterpillar turning into something else…

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2005/12/06.html#a1710; comments are here.

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