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  Friday, November 25, 2005

  WiFi in St.Petersburg - Cafe Soiree

Still life - cafe SoireeWhat could be better when you get off the train from Moscow in the morning? 10 min walk, fresh orange juice, free wifi, pancakes and all the time you want...

Unfortunately couldn't find any website or info in English. The address is Zhukovskogo, 28; phone +7 (812) 272-35-12. You can check plazes or maps:

  • in English - crossing of ul.Zhukovskogo and ul.Vosstaniya in the lower right corner
  • in Russian, but with location marked (should be easy to find given that red line metro station is the one at Moscow railway station :)

Opens at 9 in the morning, so don't take the train that arrives at 7 :)

And while I was googling - some other nice cafes in St.Petersburg.

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  Wednesday, November 23, 2005

  In Russia 23 Nov - 8 Dec

I'm hardly blogging anyway, but just in case: I'm travelling to Russia 23 Nov - 8 Dec. In Moscow most of the time, in St. Peterburg on 25 Nov, in Ekaterinburg on 4-6 Dec.

If you are there and want to meet - let me know.

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  Thursday, November 17, 2005

  Slow reading and knowing questions

12/34. 12 hours by train in 34 hours – some sleep, first gluntwine this year and lots of talking in between :)

Somewhere between Frankfurt am Main and Köln I detach myself from the book I’m reading and look around. Upper shelves are packed with black cabin-size suitcases; seats under then are packed with dark suited businessman. They look strange – not reading, not sleeping, not clicking around through emails – just sitting and staring into nowhere. I wonder if they are jetlagged or just spend the day negotiating big deals…

I go back to my book. It’s a collection of interviews with travel writers, A sense of place, by Michael Chapiro. I picked it up in January, when we traded beaches of Waikiki for coolness and coffee of Barnes&Noble. It was patiently waiting for me – till last week. Since then I was steeling a bit of time here and there to dive into it. Fortunately this trip is long enough to let me do all of that – watching people, reviewing reports, sending kusjes and being able to savour the book slowly as food in a good restaurant.

I enjoy this book – the themes – home and being far away, crossing borders and cultures, writing, being insider and outsider, facts and fiction. And the style – close and somewhat intimate conversations, asking very knowing questions coming from reading travel narratives that may be reveal more about their authors than about destinations.

As usual I start seeing parallels with my own work. Thinking of absorbing details of others’ lives from their weblogs, sense of connectedness and somewhat intimate knowledge about them – and interviews that could touch themes and go to the depths not possible otherwise.

  Thursday, November 10, 2005

  The age of transition

I never knew it was called awkward age in English until today I looked for a translation of Russian perehodny vozrast. It doesn't mean the same!

In Russian it means age of transition and usually used to talk about puberty and all things that come along - body changes, learning to grow up, being rebellious, searching for one's identity... In my family it's also used as a metaphor when talking about someone who is hard to deal with because of changes in his or her life acknowledging (hoping :) that it's not permanent, recognising the pressures and somewhat forgiving difficult behaviour.

I was struggling to articulate what's going on with me, but I guess I should just call it the age of transition. It's about all things together - redefining work-life balance, accepting life far away from home, struggling with PhD, managing multicultural project, redefining long-term priorities and even figuring out how to fix broken information processing routines.

It's not that bad, only too encompassing - my productivity drops and often I don't feel like answering emails or blogging. I just hope that I'm not as difficult as I was as teenager and that I figure out how to grow up soon :)

[No need to worry - I actually feel pretty good - apart from the sour throat :)]

  Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I'm back wishing it would be much longer. Anyway, had a lot of warmth meeting family and friends as well as a lot of cold in St.Petersburg and Moscow (we've got the first snow in both cities! :)

For more - St.Petersburg sighteseeing at Flickr:


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