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  Thursday, November 10, 2005

  The age of transition

I never knew it was called awkward age in English until today I looked for a translation of Russian perehodny vozrast. It doesn't mean the same!

In Russian it means age of transition and usually used to talk about puberty and all things that come along - body changes, learning to grow up, being rebellious, searching for one's identity... In my family it's also used as a metaphor when talking about someone who is hard to deal with because of changes in his or her life acknowledging (hoping :) that it's not permanent, recognising the pressures and somewhat forgiving difficult behaviour.

I was struggling to articulate what's going on with me, but I guess I should just call it the age of transition. It's about all things together - redefining work-life balance, accepting life far away from home, struggling with PhD, managing multicultural project, redefining long-term priorities and even figuring out how to fix broken information processing routines.

It's not that bad, only too encompassing - my productivity drops and often I don't feel like answering emails or blogging. I just hope that I'm not as difficult as I was as teenager and that I figure out how to grow up soon :)

[No need to worry - I actually feel pretty good - apart from the sour throat :)]

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