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Document management frustration

For one of the projects I have to work with document management system that makes me SO frustrated that I have to write it down (also to think about the arguments to change into something else 🙂

  • there are no obvious permalinks (it’s frame-based) and those you get via “open in the new window” are unreadable (including all all folder names in a hierarchy + file name)
  • there are no version control – you can’t just upload new version on the top of the old one; you need to create new file, mark old one as “old” or delete it to make clear that it’s updates
  • it’s hierarchical – forget about tagging or adding a document to multiple folders

Not surprising that people send attachments by email 🙁

[Don’t get me wrong – it looks really nice, has access rights, workflow support and million other things you want to have in a project, it’s just not friendly to the basic tasks you want to do – add a document and let others know where to find it and what is its status.]

The worst thing is that it’s partly my responsibility: being overloaded with things to finish before going to Microsoft this summer I gave up in the discussion and followed others’ choice. I hope that it’s not too late and politically feasible to work things out…

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2005/10/14.html#a1696; comments are here.

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