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Studying weblogs at Microsoft: blogging as a person or as an employee

[I have one of those days where I don’t do things I supposed to do, but do all other useful things instead :)]

Kevin Schofield (MSR) writes on choices related to blogging as a person or as an employee (re: blogging Bill Gate’s college tour):

This blog is my personal thing. It’s written on my Tablet PC. I paid for the hosting service out of my own pocket. Microsoft has no control over it, and they have never told me what to write on it. Every word is mine and mine alone (except for the quoted parts :-). Regardless of whether you agree with what I say, it’s still an honest reflection of what I think about a wide variety of things. So one of the first questions I struggled with was: where do I blog about the college tour? Because this is the first time I will officially be blogging as a Microsoft employee.

So you may ask, does that matter? I certainly asked that. It turns out, at least for me, it matters a great deal. The company asked me to blog about a Microsoft activity, from my perspective as a Microsoft employee taking part in it and observing. To be clear, the company hasn’t told me what kind of tone to take, what kinds of things to write about, etc. They’ve given me no editorial guidance at all, which I appreciate, and I take that to mean that they like the way that I write honestly about things and want me to do just that. On the other had, there are real practical limits that are known and apparent. […]

Via post by Alfred Thompson, which is a discussion of something else (interesting as well) – fragmentation between blogs…

Archived version of this entry is available at http://blog.mathemagenic.com/2005/10/12.html#a1694; comments are here.

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