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  Saturday, October 08, 2005

  AOIR: my selection of papers

The conference has a really great set of papers. Due to lack of wifi and presentation anxiety for two days I wasn't blogging much, so I decided just to make a list of papers that I consider interesting. Extended abstracts are online, some papers are online as well (requires AOIR membership, but it 200% worth it).

[I'm working on the list - it's still updated. If you don't want to wait check http://del.icio.us/mathemagenic/AOIR+papers]

Trena Paulus & Vanessa Dennen, Weblogs as spontaneous mentoring mechanism for academics - very good overview of "Profworld" academic blogging community (qualitative, with examples) and discussion on how mentoring takes place there (really hope that paper or slides will be online)

Jenna Burrell, Telling Stories of Internet Fraud: how word-of-mouth shapes Internet use in Accra, Ghana - I missed the presentation as I had to be somewhere else, but I fun of listening to her stories from Ghana over food and the paper is great

katrina jungnickel, Ways of seeing and researching the blog - on 73 urban journeys, visual and textual, as well as blogs in research (with lots to discuss in comparision with my own work)

Jang Hyun Kim, Blog as an oppositional medium?: A Semantic Network Analysis on the Iraq War Blogs

Jia Lin, Alex Halavais, Blogs as indicators of social relationships in the US

Alice Marwick, “I’m a Lot More Interesting than a Friendster Profile”: Identity Presentation, Authenticity and Power in Social Networking Services

Ericka Menchen Trevino, Blogger motivations: Power, pull, and positive feedback (full text is here) - a study on blogging motivations between college students. I was especially fascinated by the framing the results on negotiating anonymity and Ericka was very nice to blog it

Trena Paulus, Vanessa Dennen, The next generation of research methods for online collaborative learning environments

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