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  Friday, October 07, 2005

  AOIR: Finding 'the life between buildings': An approach for defining a weblog community

Long promised - our (still work in progress) with Stephanie Hendrick and Anjo Anjewierden :

Abstract. Although weblogs are perceived as low-threshold tools to publish online, empowering individual expression in public, there is growing evidence of social structures evolving around weblogs and their influence on norms and practices of blogging. Emerging from connections between weblogs and their authors, weblog communities often do not have a shared space, clear boundaries, or clear membership, challenging researchers who want to study them. Initially intended to be a study in the delineation of weblog boundaries, the scope of defining these boundaries immediately overwhelmed traditional methods and tools. The problems that arose from using traditional link mining methods led to an exploration of alternative approaches of defining these communities. The purpose of this paper is to get an insight into methods of finding "life between buildings": virtual settlements where weblog communities may reside. We use Jonesí (1997) theory of a virtual settlement and archaeological metaphor to address research challenges of locating weblog communities, suggest an iterative approach that includes refinement of research methods based on assumptions about community norms, practices and artefacts, and propose which artefacts could serve as indicators of community presence. Finally we present a pilot study which explores different methods of identifying community membership beginning with a known core member of a group of knowledge management bloggers.


I'm running right now, but will add a few links a bit later one as well as talk about most interesting things we found last weeks in the blog (in case you are too lazy to read the paper).

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  A day with a view...

Sunrise cityAlarm clock goes on at 6:20. I wake up. Open the curtains. At my feet lays a sleeping city, still dark, but full of lights and life.

It's early, but who cares - I'm going to have a breakfast with Patti Anklam and the view is beautiful - 42 floor and windows starting at my feet...

I take shower and think of things strange and different, and I'm happy.

I'm turning 30.

I think how different it is from what I could think ten years ago. Being far away, the city at my feet and a day with imaginary friends.

I think of those I love - wake up SMS and kusjes - celebrations to go in two more countries - my aunt who called in the middle of the night - more of us have to get used to time zone differences - was funny talking to my mom when it was already 7th in Moscow and 6th over here...

And it doesn't feel different (surprise!) or becoming older and wiser - just a good reason to feel happy when another day starts.

As I get ready and type this the city changes from black to blue to pink to burning orange in the windows across. It's time to go...

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