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  Friday, September 30, 2005

  In the train...

Just realised that it's been more than 3 months since I've been in the train… Although I'm not a big fun of travelling across the country (remember, this one is relatively small ;) for a meeting, I enjoy time in the train... So, things I did in the train today:

worked on finishing presentation for my PhD profs (the reason I was travelling :) – rethinking my PhD research again

tried to figure out why the colleague I was supposed to meet in the train wasn't there

read paper on fragmented work and interruptions (probably I should blog it, but given other commitments it's not likely, so just two things: "metawork" takes 7,96% of the day and rarely interrupted; and a funny quote - "One informant who begun work at 5a.m. was eliminated from the analysis as an outlier" :)

[met profs in the middle of the paper]

thought if I made right choices with this new version of PhD targets, PhD work to do and if I need to do a PhD at all [the meeting went well, this is meta]

ate chocolate bar and apple

read paper on information hub blogs: not particularly impressed (especially with stating that the major purpose of [analysed] blogs is to provide and to disseminate information), but it has ideas and results to take away (those related to categorisation of blog post content and types of links in posts) – btw, Sylvie and Seb, do you know your blogs were studied for the paper?

thought of types of links in weblogs, and ideas from our work on weblog communities (= community forming involves certain type of links), weblog metrics and Technorati

decided that blogging about things I do in the train makes sense – not only as a meditative activity suitable for the end of the (formally) working day, but as an artefact that could help some other researchers to find out what people like me do in the train :)

wanted to do work on the paper on weblog communities, but instead is looking out of the window, realising how strange and reassuring, sweet and sad is to see flat fields and low sky from the train instead of seeing car bumpers, sun reflections in the waters of lake Washington and ghostly silhouette of Mt.Ranier in the air...

thought of the dinner and papers to finish and watched more green fields

opened the paper draft and started to type...

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