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  Thursday, September 29, 2005

  KM bloggers community

KM community Usually Stephanie is the first to blog pictures like this one from our work on weblog communities, but this time I couldn't resist :)

  • Light green is me
  • Blue - KM blogs
  • Red - educational blogs
  • Orange - internet research blog
  • Green - A-list

    All very subjective :)

    [Morning update] A bit more background: The data comes from 64 weblogs, spidered to extract full-text posts from 2004. This is semi-snowball sample; all 64 are 1-2 degrees from my weblog. The posts of all 64 were processed to extract links.

    For this visualisation we used the number of posts from weblog A linking to weblog B in 2004 as a tie indicator (assuming that more posts linking to someone mean stronger connection). It includes 64 weblogs spidered + weblogs that are linked by one (or more) of those 64 in at least 3 posts.

    [Joint work with Stephanie and Anjo (abstract, paper)].

  •   BusinessWeek on stress, collaboration and work-life balance

    Must read: BusinessWeek's The Real Reasons You're Working So Hard... (via Ingo Forstenlechner).

    It's on many things: long working ours, information overload, overheads of unnecessary communication, social network profiling, knowledge mapping, an even blogs and wikis... A bit too much to mix, but definitely along the lines of the work we do, my PhD research and my personal struggles.

    And a quote about things that I believe are behind many of those issues - knowledge work governance and knowledge worker flexibility:

    ...in terms of reducing work overload, perhaps the biggest and most difficult step will be for corporations to give their knowledge workers more freedom over their own time. "The Industrial Age approach to management dies a pretty tough death," says Babson's Davenport. "Even today people end up being evaluated not only on how much they produce but also on how many hours they are in the office."

    Of course, there's one shiny new example of where output matters more than process: the Web. Nobody cares how long it took or what time of night it was when someone wrote a blog entry -- all that's seen is the final result. Similarly, the success of open-source development projects such as Linux and Apache, the most popular Web server software, rests on the competence of the programmers involved, not on how many hours they log.

      Talking From the Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers

    Interesting: pretty long white paper from Edelman and Intelliseek - Talking From the Inside Out: The Rise of Employee Bloggers (.pdf) (more like that from my del.icio.us).

    What I find amasing that download is not linked directly from the announcement and press release, small, but annoying few extra clicks... 

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